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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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sierzputowski and robert golden are facing shallome serious charges. their weapon of choice, gas bombs. the couple's family members turned them in after seeing them on surveillance video in our newscast. >> mr. gordon had in his possession the battle full of gasoline and complete. >> reporter: they were caught on camera terrorizing employees at dennys's restaurants. and they also hit up a 7-eleven. they were claiming to have gas bombs and demand money. >> you can imagine somebody threatening to light on you fire? i would comply. >> reporter: the sheriff and he office said the couple smelled like gas fumes and would hold up a lighter and bottle allegedly filled with gas.
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inside a complex on northwest 108th avenue. both gave a detailed confession. and also admitted to stealing the money it fuel their drug addiction. >> and she said she and her boyfriend were both homeless, they have a heroin, crack cocaine and flakka addiction. >> reporter: golden also has 14 prior arrests. the couple is currently being held without bond. reporting live from broward county jail, amanda plasencia, nbc 6. send tens for of killing his girlfriend. and he says he still can't remember if he did it. claudia decam poe was in the courtroom. >> reporter: ruth fuentes shoth in the head in her own home. today her then boyfriend
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>> anything you would like to say before i pronounce sentence? anything to say to the family of your victim? >> all i can say that i'm sorry. >> reporter: an american airlines employee lived with rodriguez in coral gables. law enforcement extradited rodriguez from philadelphia and charged him. today the victim's brother read a statement addressing rodriguez. >> we know that she would forgive you p that's just how she was. i'm not my sister. >> reporter: the judge sentence rodriguez to 25 years in state prison. without early release. >> i do think that -- >> no mom sidehomicide case makes sense, but we to the best we can to try to pick up the pieces.
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cried during the entire plea hearing and left without saying anything. had rodriguez gone to try and found guilty, would he have spent his life in prison, but now he'll come back into society by the time he's 79 years old. i'm claude i can't . prosecutors say dna evidence led them to a man accused of killing a florida woman. the naked body of ashley olsen who is from summer haven, florida was discovered over the weekend in florence by her italian boyfriend. investigators say she suffered two deadly fractures to her skull before being strangled in her apartment. a man from sin in ana sine gchlt al is currently in custody. he was caught on surveillance video. it's believed olsen met him at a nearby night club and brought
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olsen had moved to florence three years ago. a bizarre story in tampa. grave robbers struck a mausoleum stealing a coffin with three bodies inside. it's unclear when the crime happened because the cemetery doesn't have a lot of foot traffic. the stolen coffin contained the bodies of family members who died in 1913, 1914 and 1935. a second coffin containing a member from the same family was also broken into. in that case her skull was removed but not her body. police are working on tracking down the suspects and office. right now anticipation is building. who, who is holding the lucky jackpot power ball tickets? three hit it big. all three winning tickets were drawn in states where there is no tax on lottery winnings.
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florida at a publix in melbourne. >> and the other in tennessee and a los angeles suburb. let's go out to jennifer bjorklund live in california at the 7-eleven where residents de descended upon. what was the scene like? >> reporter: it was so fun overnight. it looked kind of like a scary crowd because there were so many people con veshlged in this eded edverged, but it was a party. law enforcement who showed up ended up ordering pizzas and high-fiving those in the crowd. the owner of the 7-eleven, he opens three others and he has been so excited all day. he got that big nochlity checknovelty check, $1 million.
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friend called him to tell thmhim someone in chino hills had won. and he is so excited to share this moment with the community. >> i'll give some to charity. and then i'll share with my employees and my family. >> reporter: so he actually does have to give half of that money, that million dollars, to 7-eleven corporate people because he's a franchisee. but they were hoping here at this 7-eleven that they had the first actual billionaire in a lottery drawing. but it turns out that they will be splitting that thre ways with the other ticket in tennessee and practiceflorida. if you have a winning ticket, don't show up to a big blo party. sign it, put it away somewhere safe and the first person you
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attorney. i'm jennifer be. any idea when they have to show up and let the world know? >> they have a year from yesteteay. so it could be anytime. and a lot ofimes they expect for huge jackpots like these at least in calirnia, they don't expect minute to be in a big hurry, they want to talk to some attorneys, have all their@ ducks in a row before they go public. and it does public become record in the state of california. small print on the lottery ticket that you have to reveal yourself as to who are you. so the identity of that person will eventually be revealed. a lucky 7-eleven, so you have to get a ticket. >> reporter: you bet.@ >> lightning doesn't strike
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>> probably not. a shake up in ben carson's camp. the republican presidential candidate announcing the resignation of his finance chairman dean parker. parker has come under scrutiny for lavish spending. february 1 is the iowa caucuses. just last month, his communications director left. he was briefly the republican frontrunner frontrunner, but has slipped in national polls. i believe life is precious. i think life is truly a gift from god. and we're all equal under god's eyes. and when anybody, anybody -- >> jeb bush's campaign finally putting some money behind a new ad set to run in p innew hampshire and highlight bush's work on behalf
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and it also shows trump mocking a "new york times" reporter with a dsisability last year. the dodold not getting any love from investor this is dubai. a millionaire businessman says they could pull billions from the u.s. if trump is elected president. this after the republican front runner triggered outrage when he advocated temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. >> if he become president, it means america enemy of 1.8 billion muslim around the world. and they would lose the business. >> president obama predicting life a@ter the white house today. at a up to ha meeting in bat ton room
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there is still a lot left do. he plans to continue working on the things that his family cares deeply about and wants to encourage young people to get volved. he also took a question from someone in the crowd who wants to know if there was anyway for talk the first lady into running for office. >> there are three things that are certain in life. death, taxes, and michelle is not running for president. that i can tell you. >> a fourth grader asked will him about a cure for cancer. he responded by telling her it would likely come in her lifetime. hope he's right. >> i sure hope so. still ahead on 6, and onlinet% retailer going viral for its response to a customer's return. plus security preps in mexico as residents a wait the arrival of the pope. nominations are in. who is up for the honorable nod
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this year's oscars. plus hoim town love. a man from miami with super human powers makes his television debut. and a shot there biscayne camera. scattered showers continuing tonight and may be an isolated thunderstorm tonight. a couple more thunderstorms possible tomorrow. and then another huge roller coaster ride with these temperatures. and tonight investigator are working for you.
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dan kroutauth has a review from a story he's working on. >> reporter: a tip from a viewer led to our investigation. we took what we found to the feds who are now doing an investigation of their own. >> you don't want to get in trouble. >> rrorter: this urgent letter is showing up in mail boxes. everything about it appears to be from a state agency and legimate. at first it even fooled an actual government worker. >> get this in the mail and i say i'm not going to pay an attorney to review it.
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we'll show you what to watch out for. for the nbc 6 investigator, dan krauth, nbc 6 news. we have an update on a snake who temporarily called the inside of a man's pants his home. this blackball python is back where it belongs at a pet store. this is the same snake that was stolen friday when a map stuffed it down his pants and walked out of the store. someone showed up wednesday morning wi the stolen snake. the pet store owner says putting the have ivideo on social media made all the difference. >> i'm sure they realized they would get in troubling for it. facebook is a powerful thing. >> the snake is doing fine, but the thief is still out there. the merchant thinks it's a friend of the reptile bandit who actually returned the snake. pope francis is heading to mexico next month on february 12.
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pope francis is set to give mass in maxexican city. there are reported aberration in mexico. the pontiff will also meet with president nieto to discuss issues including the environment, human rights and the fight agagnst poverty. this trip will end with a large mass at thehe fairgrounds in juarez. now a story that will give you hope the next time you have to make a dreaded call to customer service. a woman named kelly went online to share her customer service experience with zulily. she had ordered winter coat only to realize the coat material wouldn't work well with the two breeds off dogs she owned. she called zulily to see if they could return the co for a refunds, but the company did return her money, but they
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instead the company told her to give the coat to someone who really needed it. she now is a customer for life. so we've been talking about subtropical storm alex and now it's hurricane alex. you have to go all the way back to 1938 to find a hurricane in january. no impacts for us, however it will push over the azores. hurricane warnings there. just knd of shocking to find something like this in january. so here we are, first named system of not even the 2016 tropical season. doesn't start until june. but this does happen from time to time pip wind. winds 85 miles per hour will. the good news, it is hustling toward the north/northeast.
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no time. between friday early morning and friday early afternoon, that's when it crosses over the azores and then basically just a ships route concern at that point. quickly up towards greenland by the time we head saturday. so pretty wild stuff there. let's go a little closer to home now and show you what radar looks like. ere is live first alert doppler. and plenty of rainfall socked in into our backyard here. and these scattered showers will be tipping through the night. we will see that across the keys. heavier stuff pushing into monroe county. and this will continue to cycle to miami-dade and broward, as well. the movement with this, some deep mid level moisture southwest off towards the northeast. and also a few showers with the low level flow going from southeast to northwest. either way you slice it, we have a lot of rainfall on tap for tonight and tomorrow. let's talk about temperatures out there. and they're pretty mild. 71. d really the big difference you feel, the extra moisture in
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dew points have gone way up. feeling a bit more tropical out there. there is the fetch of rainfall we'll be dealing with. overnight tonight and into tomorrow, this area of low pressururwill skirt across northern florida and swing a cold front our way and out ahead of that cold front that's when we could see a few rumbles of thunder. isolated thunderstorms through the first half of tomorrow wouldn't being too surprising. hour by hour forecast keeping the scattered showers in play. it will be a mild evening. here is tomorrow, friday, 7:00 a.m., socked this again. scattered shower, even a few thunderstorms. will is the actual front pushing on through. by friday evening, a much stronger front, though, that we'll be tracking as it wushs through sunday afternoon. so enjoy those upper 70s to low 80s. because after this next front sunday, big drop. we'll discuss coming up. >> i'm into that sort of thing.
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of the year in hollywood, oscar nominations were announced this morning. >> roxanne vargas joining us with a look at who made the cut. >> rorter: there is more gold in the future for the "revenant" leading the pack with 12 nominations. also competing in the best picture category is "the big short" short", the martian oig, mad max furry road, room and spotlight. but will this be a repeat year up f oscar gold for a second consecutive year? if he win, he would be the first director more than 60 years to take oscar gold home back to back years. first ever for a hax canmexican director. and will leo dicaprio finally get his first.
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actor winner eddie redmayne. >> everything i got is moved on. >> sly stallone has an as core nomination for best controlling role. >> we understand you've settled several cases. >> and best supporting actress category, jennifer jason lee, rachel m mcadams, and kate winslet winslet. >> i read too much probably. >> carol is a contender with cate blanchett in the fight as she goes dependsagainst jennifer lawrence and brie larson. the academy recognizes the force is strong. "star wars" gets five nods this technical categories. golden globe winners lady gaga
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more than gold with nods for best original "straight outta compton" did receive best original screen play. no best actor nod for john johnny depp or michael keaton. directors todd hnes who directed carol, ridley scott for the martian, they were left out, as well. roxanne vargas, nbc 6 news. check out your favorite movie, you can head to, there you will find an entire gallery from today's november nation ceremony. whether you're good at math or not, the skills of a man who appeared on ellen just don't compute. >> ready, go. >> 568?
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>> he blew ellen away with his ability to ad quickly. he can till thekcan tell you the sum of ten two digit numbers. and he's in the guinness world record books. >> is he from miami? >> yea impressive. still ahead on 6, surprise scolding. >> and armed robber gets a whole lot more than he bargained for. >> i keep lectureing him like a parent would. >> lesson and morals on the other side of this break. and then tonight at 6:00, thousands of florida teachers march into the capital in tallahassee today, a front row
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they'r . didn't foe the go the way a thief had planned. >> a store clerk shaming nim into leaving the story empty handed. >> here he comes. >> armed robber you see there with his face half covered is about to get a surprise scolding. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> a lesson in morals from the unarmed clerk.
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investigating officers is i was telling him this is wrong what you're doing. >> just watch as the clerk confronted with that gun reprimands the robber. >> he's telling him to get out. and thousand he's lecturing him. pointing his finger like a parent would. >> at one point in the video you can see the clerk go around the counter to get the cash. >> he's telling him you get back out from behind this counter. you don't belong here. >> later the robber try tries getting in the register himlf, again he's stopped and scolded. >> he's pumping thebunching the buttons but the clerk is holding it shut. >> and the clerk convinces the gunman to put away his weapon. >> the suspect tloihrows his arms like like okay, give me money now. >> the surveillance goes on for six minutes. they argue that long before the gunman finally runs off. >> some guy just ran out and they're watching the guy run
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police say the clerk is lucky to be alive. >> it's certainly not worth losing yourrife over. >> but this criminal only got a few bucks along with a lesson in being a better man. >> and the store clerk says he wasn't trying to be a hero and he knows you shouldn't argue like that, but he was just angry saying he works hard to provide for his family and the robber should, too. >> he sure should. thth will do it for the news at 5:30. >> more news straight ahead. on the way home and never made it home. >> parents who lost two of their children are sharing their heartbreak. a story you'll see only on 6. rally, teachers take over the state capital and say enough is enough when comes to high stakes testing. the nbc 6 investigators up cover the latest trick xo try to
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and it could be showing up this your mail box. thought something was wrong, but -- >> a family who lost two sons after their car plunged into a golf course lake are sharing their heartbreak nbc 6. good evening. i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm jawan strader. this is a story you'll see only on 6. erika.a. >> reporter: this lauderhill intersection stays busy and right behind me are barricades and caution tape. the mother and fair wether say it's a reminder of a night they never saw coming. >> when i got that phone call at 7:45 telling me that we're our way home, leaving the bowling
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